Caribbean Crystals....A different kind of gem

Our small business program in Haiti has grown substantially in recent years. Several years ago we trained a small group of people on a gem cutter, and that group has now had the practice and experience on this machine to create beautifully intricate gemstones out of pieces of broken glass. So, not only are they cleaning up their community - they are literally turning trash into treasure. Supporting these artists means that you help to pay a fair wage to a group of artists who now have a steady source of income.

The program is managed in Haiti by a talented entrepreneur and artist named Michaelange. Michaelange has been a part of PID for over two decades and now serves as the gem studio's manager and quality control person. Under her management, the quality and quantity of the gems have increased, and we look forward to seeing all that she is able to do in the future! Buy a piece of Haiti today and support Michaelange and everyone in this incredible program.